Can I keep a wearable line if I cancel all other service?

  • 21 October 2021
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ATM I am looking into getting the the new Galaxy watch. I know it's free with 2 years qualifying service for a line. ATM we have over a year left with my phone required. But the service out at my house isn't the best. So we had discussed changing carriers if TMobile hadnt built more service in the area by that time. I'd much rather keep TMobile but it's silly to drive to town in order to make a reliable phone call.

Anyways if we were to end up canceling our regular plan would we be able to keep the wearable plan? I imagine this would mean my watch and phone would have different numbers but oh well. I just wanna know if you can have a wearable plan without a cell plan. And if so, is it more expensive than the regular 10$ per month?

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