Changing mind about new phone.

  • 25 September 2018
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If I were to change my mind about a newly purchased device, could I return it to the store and swap it for a cheaper phone with store credit?  I know T-mobile will refund you but I've read it takes up to 3 billing cycles. Is it possible to avoid that hassle by simply switching to a different device? 


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3 replies

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I believe you need to return it the same way you bought it. If you bought it online it has to be returned to the warehouse and if in-store back to the stores stock. There is a restocking fee as well.

but yes you can exchange your phone it just depends on the level of Hassle and the price difference and the restocking fee.

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Hey, @jdmccar95​!

snn555 made a few great points. You can also find all the info needed about returning a new device here: Return a new phone​. Let us know if you have any other questions.  


I recently bought phone and didnt like it. Asked them through the phone if i will be charged restocking fee. The employee said if you bought it through phone (which i did)

you will be able to get it refunded without any fee. But after reading this it feel like i will be charged restocking fee anyway. Anyone have clear answer who should I believe ???