Help Desk Failures!

  • 18 December 2022
  • 3 replies


Has anybody else had the repeated experience on calling the help desk and not getting a resolution to your problem???

3 replies

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you can try their social media platform route. Facebook or Twitter will land you with tier 2 support instead of the call in tier 1 support.


just dont post on their main pages. private message them only.



what was the issue you were trying to get fixed?

I have been lied to since day 1, spent numerous hours on the phone with customer support or annoying advertising and/or music with no resolution of problems. Told I would be called back several times which never happened. Like the “buy one get one phone” bull$hit, not until you pay for other phone for 2 years (so your locked in) even if you pay it off (BUY ONE) your still own balance of “FREE” phone. Coverage map is flat out fraud, if you have an opportunity to leave without a financial penalty run, run, run, don’t look back.

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You know there's always a catch from every carrier about a “free” phone.