My phone (honor 9 lite) keeps saying no service to t-mobile sim card

  • 24 August 2018
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I recently bought a new phone while on vacation outside the us and when i came back i put in the t-mobile sim and it says no service. I've tried most of the youtube solutions and none of them are working. The plan i am using is Unlimited LTE but it keeps saying no service on the top right of my phone.


Please advise

11 replies

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Have you verified the phone is compatible with T-Mobile's network?

Many foreign devices don't bands required by T-Mobile to work.

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Bring your own device setup guide

T-Mobile network bands & technologies

I searched it up and  tmobile networks work with honor 9 lite

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HUAWEI Honor 9 Lite 4G Phablet Global Version - $185.99 Free Shipping|

If this is the phone, it says it's 2G compatible, 3G compatible in select areas, and not 4G/LTE compatible.

so it will not work?

its this one Honor 9 Lite - 3GB+32GB, Dual Sim, Quad Camera 13+2MP: Electronics

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I don't see anything on the amazon page that says what frequencies / bands are supported.

Your symptoms suggest the bands available in the device you have are not compatible with the bands T-Mobile uses.  But, nobody can confirm or deny this suspicion without knowing exactly what bands your device supports.

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Hey, @xaquaz​!

I have to agree with @smplyunprdctble -- we can't give a 100% definite answer without knowing the what frequencies it supports. I checked out all of the Q&A on the Amazon page you linked to and couldn't find anything there either.…

this is the frequency bands

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xaquaz wrote:…

this is the frequency bands

That shows it should get GSM (2G), but, that's pretty much just voice (and, even then, T-Mobile is pushing over to VoLTE).

3G would be available in some markets.  But, TBH, it's not a lot of markets on 3G on the 1900 band.

Doesn't support 4G or LTE bands T-Mobile uses.

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