Playstation portal to hotspot

  • 28 February 2024
  • 4 replies


So I have the iPhone 15 pro max and I purchased a PlayStation portal I can't get the portal to connect to my t mobile hotspot. However when I had a iPhone 13pro it worked just fine now idk if I should stay with t mobile or shop around I like playing my PlayStation on the go 

4 replies

Same issue here.  I tried my co workers phone but it work.  iPhone 13

Honestly I’m having the same issues here. It honestly make my portable useless. I like playing at work and I can’t even do it on my 15 pro. I feel like I wasted my money on this. Might as well go to Verizon since I know it works

Same issue as well, smh thinking of going back to At&t 

Even worse! My PS portal was working with My Samsung S23 Ultra  hot spot & just stopped. Connect my S23  hot spot to my T mobile home internet and use this path for my PS portal and it works. This is evidence of T Mobile blocking remote hotspot game play (Magenta Plan)! 

T Mobile you don’t want to make war with the gaming community!