Post-update, Revvl 5g plays ads at max volume when sound is off

  • 10 March 2021
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My Revvl 5G updated itself to version 6B92UM20 this morning--a version which isn’t even listed on T-Mobile’s updates page--and now, whenever an advertisement plays on the screen, it does so at the phone’s maximum volume, even though Media Volume is set to zero.  I even set Ring Volume to zero/vibrate, minimised Call and Alarm Volumes; and activated Vibrate for Calls, because why not?  I hope someone can suggest some other way of preventing this phone from erupting with sound, because one game I enjoy plays ads from time to time, and I’ll never be able to play it again!

Many thanks for any insight.

8 replies

I have exactly the same problem. It appears that the only misbehaving ads are unity ads. Those will between 50 to 80% of the time play at maximum volume, regardless of any volume settings of the phone. This happened after a system update. Current version is 6B92UM20. This is super annoying. If an ad pops up in a quiet environment, you can be sure that every head will turn your direction…

Is there anybody else with the same issues?

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are you able to adjust the volume per app? i know i can do this with my LGV60...i can change the volume to each app but only while in said app

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I have tried everything. The volume within the app is set to zero or muted, depending on the app. The volume settings for media are at zero. I have tried setting every single volume (incl ring tone, etc.) to zero, no effect. The funny thing is that also volume settings within the ad don’t do anything (some ads have an optional mute “button”). As soon as certain ads play, they override every conceivable volume setting and play at maximum volume. As mentioned in my previous post, this has so far only happened with unity ads. I have never had this problem with any phone and it is highly irritating.

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its going to be app related then..somehow its bypassing the volume least that ad does.. no other app with ads does this correct?

No, it is not specific to one app. I have a number of short “time waster” games installed that I might play for 10-15 minutes at a time while waiting for something. Those games are made by different software firms / programmers, so there is no common denominator I can see. Each of these games throws in the random ad once in a while. Whenever this ad is a unity ad (I assume made with unity), there is a huge chance that the audio starts blaring out of the phone speakers, although every sound source is turned off. This does not happen with an older phone and this did not happen when I had just bought the REVVL 5g. I have been correlating this to the firmware update, because the problem occurred first right after that update. It would be nice to know if there is another update in the making that might fix the problem.

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only problem i see with this though is manufacturers wont really look at that as being a big issue they need to jump on to fix..not really affecting how their phone runs or operates.. have you checked out the REVVL forums to see if anyone else has posted in there about it?

I don’t want to jinx it, but after thorough testing I believe the problem is fixed. About 2 weeks ago I received the Android 11 update for my phone. The problem went away immediately and has not re-surfaced since. I can use my phone in any environment (again) without having to worry about blaring ads.


We are having the opposite issue. My husband and I just upgraded to Revvl V+ 5G today, and his phone has NO sound at all in ANY app, and the Ringer won’t do anything either, even tho the volume is all the way up on it too. Not sure how to fix that either. :(