Project 10 million problem

  • 10 October 2022
  • 7 replies


I can’t find the paper on how to log in to the website to check the messages and all from the T-Mobile hotspot device or even what the website for it is. Does anyone have the website for me to access it? 

7 replies

Yes there is a website however you can't sign up because it won't let you enter your zip code which is required for sign up. 

I cant get it to accept my consent or zip code

I kept going back to email abs follow link over n over till the box was pink

Make sure there's no Xtra space after your zipcode.. 


Did anyone figure it out? its not accepting my zipcode orconsent. just keeps saying “The 5-digit zipcode  you enter should match the one you provided on your application”



Has there been any updates on what to do about this?? It will accept my zip code, but it just stops when I try to click “sign agreement”

I had the same issue when using Google Chrome to verify the zip code. I put the correct one in but it kept saying it didn’t match. I switched over to my Safari browser and it worked just fine! Try a different browser and see if this helps!

Hope it resolved issues for some of you!