Returned equipment still being billed

  • 29 June 2023
  • 3 replies


I have returned a range extender. Have a UPS tracking #. Shows recieved in Fort Worth Texas by TMO GRC and " left on dock ".  I have now spoken with 6 different representatives who have all assured me that it was taken care of. Recieved another bill for $307.79 ( for a $25 piece of outdated plastic ) AGAIN that has been returned. Tried the Facebook page messenger. No response. Seriously unbelievable. 

3 replies

I called and cancelled my 5G internet service in April 14 th 2023. I also was billed 50.00 I was sent a return UPS form after my cancellation. It was sent on 04/24/23 and arrived in FT. Worth Texas which is overnight on this type of service. It was received by TMO left at dock. I have made over 60 phone calls about this matter to a 600 dollar a month slave labor CSR in the Philippines. I think all companies that incorporate Pilipino labor should disclose to the customers what they pay for these people. I consider this slave labor just as the Chinese slave labor. Thank God the Chinese people do not speak English, or we would have Chinese CSR working for 10 cents an hour by this low life company. I got my May bill for 50.00 so I called the CSR Group in the Philippines, and they sent me another UPS label with a new tracking number. So now I have an outstanding UPS Label that says I never returned my equipment. I my 68 years I have never delt with a more inept corporate organization than T Mobile.



I canceled my internet and sent it back a couple of months ago but they are saying that  they are not received it and I am being billed for  $600. But I don't have any proff that I sent it back 

I am not sure of a solution as I tried everything to show them that I did in fact send my Gateway back after discontinuing my TMobile Home Internet. Nothing worked and I just saw that they sent it to collections so it's now affecting my credit. I have had no luck trying to talk to anyone at TMobile, I have been treated as though I was trying to scam them or something. Really? Over something that I can not use unless it's with their service, that rarely worked anyway?! Come on, get real. What purpose would I have for keeping that thing? My first gateway went bad so they sent me a new one and I sent the old one back and had the same issue. Luckily, I was finally able to speak with someone who actually listened to me and wanted to help me. It still took a month or so get it taken care of, during which my service was disconnected twice because of the additional $350 on my bill that I did not owe. Both times I had to pay the $30 re-connection fee.

I wish you the best of luck with this. Hopefully you can get it figured out before it ends up in collections and affecting your credit. If you do figure it out, please let us know how you were able to get it done!