• 11 March 2022
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It was already bad enough I was being made to wait for my pre-order of my new Green Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 512gb until potentially March 25th. Now I do a check on my order and it's been pushed to April 9th! AT BEST! I don't even know who I want to be mad at more! Obviously I know it's Samsung! They shouldn't have launched their dadgum new phone if they couldn't fill the orders and I mean ALL orders by the launch date they set. Kinda turbed at T-Mobile cause they shouldn't put a phone up available to be ordered if they don't have it yet to fill the orders! Especially when they can't even give a set date and are potentially going to push back, LIKE they just did. I currently have the D20 Plus w/ 128gb and it's FULL and since Samsung decided to bend it's customers over the rail again by removing micro SD on the S22, I felt like I should get the big memory with the pre-order promotion of free next size up memory upgrade. So to go from 128gb to 256gb was free and to go to 512gb was only $100 bucks as opposed to the $200 it normally is. They shouldn't even offer 128gb on flagships anymore especially if they're removing extended memory, microSD. Use the 128gb set up on lower tier phones. Flagship should have no less than 256gb from now on. Just like it should have no less than 6gb RAM. Anywho, sorry for the long double attack on Samsung and T-Mobile novel rant. Feel free to do whatever if you agree 👍💯 

2 replies

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Rant on. Sometimes you just have to let it out especially when they pull these on you.


Thanks for the support, yeah it really was me just needing to vent and let my frustrations out somewhere. Just sucks when you've prepared yourself to have to wait a month, then you go check on things to find out it's going to be longer than a month now.