SyncUP Kids Watch Battery Replacement

  • 31 December 2023
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The battery on our SyncUP kids watch was swollen up and popped open the case. I have not pulled it the rest of the way apart to see if I can replace the battery yet.


I thought I would post to see if anyone has made the attempt yet. Obviously the battery is not normally user replaceable, but at this point I've been wasting money on service I cannot use.


Thank you!


5 replies

Hi any luck with your SyncUP watch battery? I’m exploring the options of upgrading the battery and all my research says it’s impossible. Thanks



Not yet. i did get the watch the rest of the way separated with the help of a heat gun and ordered a replacement battery on Aliexpress. We’ll see how it goes in a couple of months when it gets here. The battery looks like it is a P0963 1ICP6/26/28.




Thanks for the reply. If possible, Plz don’t forget to update here if you are successful with this change of battery. Curious to know if this has improved the watch sustainability more than a day or anything better than its factory life of ~7-8 hrs. 


The battery arrived and I was able to successfully replace it.

The battery itself is connected with a really small connector (not soldered or ribbon clipped, etc). It is a little fidgety to get it to stay down as you secure the main internal panel, but once the panel is secure it isn’t going anywhere.

A magnifying glass, a small Phillips screwdriver and some decent electronics tweezers got the job done. In my case the expanded battery did most of the work getting the back off the watch, so that may be a little tricky. I suspect careful use of a heat gun and some electronic plastic prying tools will do it.

I may end up re-sealing the enclosure at some point to help with water resistance, but the back seems fairly secure with just the plastic clips. That said, there is a good risk that a kiddo could pull the body off the backing without some adhesive in there, so could be a choking risk if your kiddo is small.

Here is a link to the battery I used:


I’m also attaching some pictures of the battery connector and the inside of the watch


Thanks for these details. Appreciate you for taking time. Since it’s been more than 2yrs, I just ordered another SyncUP watch cancelling old line. As usual the watch came for free but with additional 2yrs commitment but that’s fine, I found the watch is very useful. So I’m gonna keep it anyway. I also heard that the watch battery lasts long. Will see.