T-Mobile home internet signal booster? Any tricks?

  • 9 December 2020
  • 4 replies


Who's using a booster, what booster works best, do boosters work with T-Mobile home internet? I only have two bars and my download speeds average around 26 to 36 but my upload speeds are horrible at only 1.2 upload. Is there any kind of tricks that I'm missing to increase the speeds and to get a better signal? Thank you in advance

4 replies

I am interested in this same topic. I received my home internet gateway 2 days ago and cannot get more than 2 bars anywhere in my home. The service is working well but I would like to be able to boost the signal and see if it gets better. 

I have a SureCall Fusion4Home booster, and it definitely helps with the upload speeds.  Without the booster, we can get 20Mbps down, but only 2-3Mbps up.  With the booster, the download speeds are actually slightly lower, but the upload gets to nearly 10Mbps.


Note that this booster doesn’t work with the LTE band 71 that is used in some places, but the local tower also uses band 12.


The tower is almost exactly 10 miles away, and doesn’t quite have line of sight, but the modem shows full signal strength with the booster in place.

I also have the T-Mobile Gateway and I only get 3 bars.  This pass two weeks we in my area lost complete  use of this system.  A T-Mobile store, right across the street from  me put a sing on their door stating “we don’t know what or why we have no service “.  This was not resolved with ant kind of explanation from the company.  In fact T-Mobile has not even addressed the issue in anyway.  But charge you for the service in full.  You can’t even get them on the phone.  The overseas people tell you they do see any problems.  Of course I think I may have make a mistake by getting involved with T-Mobile, what about Version?


Yes basically, even without going further with boosters, you can try pre-checks to enhance the signals into T-Mobile’s Poor Signals Indoor.