Text message failure

  • 31 January 2024
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When I am in a group chat in text messaging, and one or more of the participants use a NON- IPhone. I can send a text that is received by all members, however, if they respond, I do not get the text.

Could this be a setting I have on my phone, or is it a problem with this phone?

2 replies

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I believe it's an issue with the imessage app not recognizing the sms from Android phones.

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I am curious if you are able to receive individual messages from those non-iPhone users. It could be that their phone numbers are blocked.. 

There could be a setting amiss, too. If you go to settings>Messages, Do you have iMessage on? Right under that toggle switch is Send & Receive. You should have your phone number and Apple ID in there. If your number is missing, be sure to add it. Lower down on the list is Filter Unknown Senders. I would keep that turned off.