Timex Family Connect watch display is messed up

  • 4 November 2021
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We’ve had no issues with this watch for the past 3 months until yesterday when the display went black across the bottom 75% of the screen.  The watch had about 74% battery at the time, then it would flicker to lines across that part of the screen.  We turned the watch off and rebooted and that part of the screen is still wonky and lighter than before.  There is a distinct line and faded display on that part of the screen.  The watch charged back up to 100% and the functionality seems OK, but the screen is still iffy and wonky.  Is there a different fix for this???


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3 replies

Did you ever find a fix for this?


I love that your kiddo is getting some independence and confidence with that watch and I can only imagine the heartache when it wasn’t working. You did the right thing by getting it replaced. Great to hear that y’all are loving the watch! 

No.  The screen issue wasn’t fixable.  We replaced the watch under warranty and the replacement has been great.  We are very pleased with the functionality of this watch.  My child wears it on a daily basis and feels a great sense of independence by having it.  The text and voice communication are fantastic as well as the location tracker through the app.  

I have  problem with familywhere for days now. first i got email message that my familywhere will suspend on 3 days, for no reson i didn't do any changes.   I called customer service and spoke to the first support specialist, he could not figure it out. He elevated it to a specialist tech support, she could not figure it out either. She told me that she has created a ticket for another tech support level to look into it. Same happened 5 times i made 5 calls no  helps only  promised we call you back tomorrow 1 pm , no calls problem not solved