Timex FamilyConnect smartwatch for kids

  • 27 December 2019
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Need an assistance w/ regards to the timex watch, do we have an option to purchased the stand in which the watch sit?

sad to say it was lost. i already checked the list of charger t-mobile offers but timex charger w/ stand is not included.

and also any idea where to purchase?? if its not available w/ t-mobile.

Thank you =)


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Hey there! Looks like we don't sell that accessory as a stand alone 😥 The best option would be to google it and see if you can get it from a 3rd party.

Hi I need help! I have a Timex Family Connect smart ⌚ watch. I need a replacement band and I can't find one any where. What size is the band?

Timex family connect battery life:

I change battery more than one time a day and all the times it drains fast. I get many notifications that watch needs to recharge. If my son makes one phone calls battery dies right a way.

please advise.

They do not make a replacement band. It’s part of the watch. I find this to be a very poor design. The concept is great but if the band breaks you have to purchase a new device. I spent about an hour on the phone with T-Mobile and we called Timex. Unfortunately for those of us who own the watch we are out of luck. They need to upgrade the design so the watch band can be replaced. I’m upset because my son is a special needs child how has epilepsy. We did a lot of research and this watch works perfectly for him to alert us of an emergency.


My Question: Will this be upgraded so the watch band can be replaced?

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nothing through Amazon or EBay?

@fireguy_6364 I was not able to find anything. Timex said it’s an all in one and the band can not be replaced.