Turn off wi-fi on my home internet gateway

  • 25 August 2021
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How do I turn off Wi-Fi on my home internet gateway? I need this to only use it for e hardware functionality and only as a modem so that my pre-existing router and hardware will connect and work without issue.
I have checked this topic :

but it doesnt help.

5 replies

I am also trying to disable the WIFI - I use bridge mode on a router  with DHCP forwarding over from the ethernet and wifi interfaces to thethe bridge interface.

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Similar question: I get over 500 speeds close to the Gateway, only 35-70 sometimes several rooms away though I still have all bars on my iPhone 8+ for the wifi signal and four of five bars on the Gateway display for ISP connection regardless of my location in my home. I’m now guessing that the Gateway is not selecting the best wifi channel to communicate with my iphone.  Any way for me to isolate the three wifi frequency-ranges, so I can try each one separately on the phone? 

Same question. Disabled the ssid and broadcast on all ssid’s and still shows online green in status menu of page and can still connect to the ssid. 

I have the same question..

Same question