Verifying devices connected to the T-Mobile Internet Gateway

  • 7 July 2021
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Is there no way to view details about the individual wireless devices connected to the Gateway?

7 replies

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You should be able to use the T-Mobile Internet app to view the devices connected to the Gateway devices as well as their details. There should be a Details option for each device if you swipe left and right form the interface. You’ll have to click that option to see what info you can get about each device. 

At the bottom of the app you can select 'devices' but after I select a device. it will not allow me to scroll down when I select a device it will not allow me to scroll down where it says 'device info' at the bottom. I think it is a design failure of the app.

When you’re on your mobile device. You still cannot tell what device is what, none of the numbers match. 

On the "T-Mobile Internet" mobile app, I see a list of my connected devices by name.

When I click on a device there, I see:

IP address, signal strength, MAC address.


I also see ability to disconnect that device, and ability to manage connection times/schedules for that device.

It would be nice if you could get into the T-Mobile Internet app, the app is wonky and in need of an update. And when you’re on your mobile device, you still cannot tell which device is which, the numbers don’t jive. Whereas my girlfriends sons Xbox shows it’s the Xbox without having to go through the trouble of searching the MAC address for the device that’s connected. 

on gateway said i have 11 devices connected,  but i dont have that many devices in my home, hows that possible?   also i look in my tmobile app and cant find the devices said in the app that are connected.    show me plz

I've tried the "my devices" section to see all the things connected to my wifi but it just bring me to connect my phone to the network that it's already connected too. I can't find where to see devices connected to my wifi either on their website nor the app and if I can't figure it out I'm more than happy to go through a different provider and cancel my service with them.