View this encrypted message on your phone?

  • 6 February 2024
  • 1 reply


Recently, whenever my wife sends me a text message, it has started appearing in DIGITS (desktop) as “View this encrypted message on your phone.”  Why would this have changed?  Having to view messages on my phone rather than in DIGITS for me defeats the entire purpose of using DIGITS. (And don’t get me started on the inability of DIGITS to receive messages from ‘short code’ numbers!!!)

Messages used to come through as readable from her.  She sends them as she always has, though I did get a new phone about a month ago… though I don’t see how that would effect the way I see the messages in DIGITS.

1 reply

I’ve had the same issue but it’s random some messages are encrypted some are not. Also using tmobile digits sometimes text does not come thru on actual phone but on the digits line on my other phone. 


I’m about done with tmobile too many issues and lack of coverage.