Voice on Nokia 225 no longer working.

  • 17 November 2022
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Does anyone know if TMobile has done an update to the voice networks that would render the Nokia 225 to longer make calls?  It was working fine and then a couple weeks ago it stopped working.  I can make and receive sms still, which is odd. I thought it might just be an issue with setting so I did a factory reset but the issue still persists.  I put my sim in a another phone which worked for voice calls.  

With these steps I figure it must just be the Nokia.  Since it's a dumbphone and doesn't cost a lot, I ordered another one.  The same issue is also happening on the new I got. 


Does anyone have an idea on what the issue might be that is causing these devices to no longer work?

30 replies

My 225 is working on 4G VoLTE now too! Yay to whoever fixed the bug.

Now that I’m back on 4G, my incoming text messages are back to having a time stamp 2 hours before they actually are sent/arrive. Does anyone else have this problem? It may be because my area code is a US pacific time area code, but I live in US central time. I tried to fix this before with no luck. Timestamps are not wrong when using 2G.

I have a distant memory of encountering this timezone issue before. However, I don’t see it now. I have my network settings set to 2G/3G/4G and see the VoLTE marking. My phone’s area code and I are both on Mountain time. I just tested by sending a text message, and it’s timestamped correctly. My wife’s phone number has an area code that’s in the central time zone while she is located with me in the Mountain time zone. When she texts me then the timestamp is still consistent with the Mountain timezone.

Got a Nokia 225 4G last week and it is working for me without any issue. It is on 2G/3G/4G and showing VoLTE. Text messages are also properly synced. Out in California. I really hope this sticks around because the phone is perfect.

Hmm. Sounds like the timestamp thing is only my problem. Wonder what it is?

Mexicatl, hope you enjoy the 225. If you are ever in Europe (or elsewhere?), the 105 which works on 3G only is also great.


My wife had this phone and found it was failing more and more often in the last few months, and when she was last in Canada she could call me and I could successfully text her from the States, but I couldn’t call her and no one in the US could either. Tmobile customer service and store staff had no explanation. So if for some this phone is still not working and you can’t get 2G service (many areas of the US now can’t), consider that most people on this post seem to be using the legacy voice/text prepay plan, as I and my wife both do. This means that since the Nokia 225 has no KaiOS, base open source Android, or other operating system or wifi capability, they can’t update the firmware on the phone. The “system reset” that everyone has been talking about about does not update anything. The only way to update the firmware is by having a data plan, a choice which doesn’t make a lot of sense for a dumbphone. Fortunately my father lost his legacy Tmobile prepay plan and had to subscribe to one with data (UltraMobile $3/month plan), data that he will never use, so if this phone is still not working I am going to try using his SIM card in her phone and clicking on the software update tab.  Interested to know if this works for anyone else.