Z Flip 3 screen issue

  • 7 April 2022
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My phone is less than 6 months old.  My screen began with little green dots one week ago.  Now the entire screen has bleed and touch is no longer operating.  The screen does not respond.  I cannot turn the phone on/off, answer calls, view anything.  T-mobile cannot complete a warranty exchange because they can’t get a new Z Flip from Samsung > Samsung refuses to replace the phone b/c they said it has a scratch on it and  tells me to pay $430 to repair the phone.  Is this a common issue?

6 replies

I need to know as well, im having the same issues

Our family has 2zflips that are 7 month old and the screens have stopped working.  Both started with the dead areas about 2 months ago.  We have not talked to Tmobile yet.  I was hoping Samsung would have an equipment warranty covering it.  No doubt from the opening/closing action.  Checking community, maybe enough people will force recall and replace by samsung.

I have a family of 4 and bought the flips for all of us in December. We all have the same issues of cracking at the crease and screen issues. I plan to go to Tmobile soon.


You should be able to go back to T-Mobile and “demand” they replace it since it is under warranty.  Based upon having gone thru this with them before, they should have a stock of refurbished Z Flip 3’s for warranty replacement.  If they don’t, tell them they need to replace your phone with the new Z Flip 4.  Your phone is covered under warranty - it’s not your fault they don’t have stock and you shouldn’t be penalized.

I called Samsung and they sent me to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they replaced it, free of charge. It took them about 2 hours with an appointment.

I had the same issue. The screen was unusable due to flip fold issue. I needed a replacement on 11/13/22 it broke on 11/12/22. The support guy (in Mansfield, MA) said I would lose the phone for 2 days. It is also my work phone and I could not lose it. I was paying an insurance charge on the phone. Why could they not decide then and there it was a defect? The support guy said it is still useable as you can connect a mouse to it. WTF. I had to get a phone and he said don't go with the flip again as this is a known issue. But no immediate warrantee? I needed a phone so a comparable non-flip was the Z22. It is costing me an additional $40 per month. I was with sprint for 17+ years and was forced to tmobile the last 1.5. 4 lines on my plan and have paid each month religiously. I may switch to a new provider as that transaction has left a disgusting taste in my mouth. Bad business. I hope others see this and avoid the flip but also consider looking to another provider.