Add Pixel Watch 2 bought from Google Store to existing TMob line - Extra Charge?

  • 22 November 2023
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I bought the “Pixel Watch 2 LTE Cellular” from Google Store. It is my understanding that with pixel watches, there is no extra charge to connect 4GLTE cellular and use the watch with existing phone line without extra charge. At least this is true in case of Verizon and ATT. 

Is this the case with T-Mobile as well? If not, what is the monthly charge for using the watch as a standalone line using the same phone # as my phone?

TIA for any inputs.


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When I added my Pixel watch there was a $10 plan I had to add.

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I believe the data is through Google Fi.

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Looks like it was a limited thing back in when they had their stores birthday.  Unless you bought the watch before Oct 3rd during that sale you won’t get that data.

As part of the Google Store 25th birthday sale in the US, the LTE Pixel Watch is discounted and comes with “2 years of free data for your device.”


it’s 250MB and you can’t make phone calls and a slew of other things. If you want to use it as a STANDALONE you need a plan and that even include other carriers including Google Fi.


Thank you everyone for taking the time…...especially tidbits,