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  • 20 October 2023
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I have been with T-Mobile since the first program called Digiph! That is around 25 years. I am a creature of comfort and I really liked the fact that I could get an upgrade every year at no cost due to my customer loyalty. That is no longer a thing unless you upgrade your plan and I would be paying $50 more a month for a plan I don’t need. I have been looking into other networks and it seems that I can move to another company and get the upgraded I-phone 15 for free. I am thinking since T-Mobile does not recognize my 25 years of on-time payments in any way shape or form, perhaps I should change companies. Any thoughts?

12 replies

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you’ll be doing this jump every 2 years since you’ll run into the exact same thing once youre no longer a “new” customer.


you’ll want to check out the other carriers forums and in their search bar type in “loyalty” and see what all pops up for you


I realize there are probably no loyalty plans anywhere, but at least I can get a new phone now which usually lasts me 3-4 years. 

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What are you trading in? How old are you. I went from Magenta+55 ($90) to 5gGo55 ($100) and got two “free” iPhone 15 as long as I stay with TMo for the next two years (which is my plan anyway). Also get high speed data now in other countries instead of 512kps. And yes we travel overseas 10-12 times a year. Well worth it in my opinion.


I been promised since las  mouth this loyalty discount for 115 and I never received it I been with t mobile companies since 17 years and nothing happens in my favor  t mobile fail me many times  this is not correct for a company to promised something and not fullii it    


Hi Ronnie, this is Carlo from T-Mobile, I’m here to help. Let’s partner to get this resolved. How can I be of assistance?

My bills would be fixed

Definitely, Ronnie. It is fixed as well.

It is approved and the previous expert and hid supervisor is the one working on it right now and please do wait for their further information.

Please bear with me while I Check it here. I wanted to make sure that I'll provide you your bill breakdown moving forward.

I appreciate your patience in waiting, Ronie. The bill moving forward will only be $85.66. $75 for the plan and $10.68 for the taxes and fees.

This includes anything

That is right, Ronnie.

That is right, Ronnie as what's provided by the previous expert and to what's your expected bill.


Hello Ronnie, Thank you for contacting T-Mobile. My name is Nathan. How are you doing today?

I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused, I take the full ownership to fix the issue for you. Let me quickly pull up your account and help you out.

Ronnie, I have thoroughly reviewed your account and I can see the previous agent has already made the required changes on the account and your new monthly bill $85.98 and you will see it once the new bill is generated on 02/03.

Yes, the previous agent did connected with the agent which promised the $85.98 and he has updated on your account as well. Ronnie you have my words once the new bill is generated on02/03 you will see $85.98 monthly bill.

I am not gonna ask you to wait you will see it on your next bill the charges and I promise it will be honored.

The notification is send once the bill is generated and you will receive the loyalty credits which will make your bill $85 and if you want I can call you and give the confirmation over call as well.

Sure, let me share the breakdown as well.

The plan charge for 2 phone lines will be $170 + $10 for watch line +$20 for tablet plan. Additional you will be getting $115 loyalty discount which will make your bill $85.

Sounds good?


I been facing this situation since last month back and forth with t mobile companies this stressed out me since last month  no one has taken any responsibility   I hope my voice is being heard  my name is ronnie Perez  


Please allow me to check this for you, Ronnie. As per checking here, your recent payment on your account is $10 on 01/01, $30 on 01/12 and $12 on 01/19. The loyalty discount was promised to you on the 25th of January, correct?

So, for this one, we highly recommend you to wait until your next bill will be generated on your account so that you can verify your new bill as the new bill is not yet generated on your account for your next month's bill.

As per checking, your new bill is being generated every 2nd or 3rd of every month. I can go ahead and keep an eye on your account to make sure that the promised credit will be applied on your account.

In addition to this, I already sent an email to the previous representative who processed the discount on your account to make sure that you will not have problem on your bill moving forward, Ronnie.

Yes, Ronnie. I am checking your previous conversation with Carlo and was able to verify this information. Please allow us to wait until your next bill is generated and we will also reach out to Carlo directly to make sure that this will be prioritized.

Ofcourse and like what I have mentioned all your conversation is saved on your account so you don't have to worry about it. My ID# is 486459.

Allow me to reach out with the previous represenattive, Ronnie. That's the best thing I can do for now.

For now, Ronnie we just need to wait for Carlo.Hoping that this will be resolved before your due date so that you don't need to pay for the whole balance on the account.


If anyone  will to contact me to help me with this issue this is my email address ziziperezpa 2024 

We have had beyond our fair share of many difficulties with TMobile since Day 1. Let's see where do I even begin to start...1st the plan was never correct since Day 1, then the Bonus of 1K Visa for porting was never applied and now months later when applied, I was denied due to them saying I had a past due balance. The issue here is bill has never been correct so I have always been carrying a past due every month. On top of that never received any credits I was promised many times and I'm paying like over $400 for 5 lines that I have to keep setting up payment arrangements and never getting caught up. Speaking of which have a payment due today, just paid an arrangement 2 weels ago. It's like a hamster in a wheel just spinning. Then finally I have a device that hasn't worked since I traded in..My Apple phone doesn't receive calls, receive texts, camera don't always work. The response every time is "must be Apple" then sends me to them, who did their troubleshooting and says their is nothing wrong with software etc..then says its Tmobiles network and I bounced back and forth with no resolution....Apple offers a warranty replacement with a copay...are you serious? TMobile wont replace. Here 6 months later and still have a broken device, by the way paying faithfully on service that I feel is anything but stellar. Talked to supervisors nothing has changed. This is why we want to leave! 

I'm in the hospital so if someone can please contact via email. I received 2 phone calls yesterday but can't really stay awake to get them. My email is

Thank you 


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I'm in the hospital so if someone can please contact via email. I received 2 phone calls yesterday but can't really stay awake to get them. My email is

Thank you 


Tmobile doesn't use email for customer support so if anyone claiming to be Tmobile be careful.

I'd also suggest removing your email on this post to avoid spam.