eSim stuck on "Activating" on iPhone from EU

  • 23 June 2023
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Hello there!

My wife is facing problems when activating her eSim for T-Mobile US Prepaid.

She already chose a plan, payed, the new phone number was successfully set up but now (since 12h) she’s still in the process of “Activating”. 

I did the same and after waiting some minutes in the “Activating” process all went fine.

What shod we do now?


We’re currently located in Germany and will travel to US soon;

I’ve activated using WIFI + Vodafone (as local operator), she tried with WIFI + O2-DE (as local operator); I’m not sure if/how cell towers differs to allow mine to succeed and hers to fail.


I’ve read here and there that there might be a way to get a QR code to re-initialise the process, but I have no idea how/where to get it.


Please let me know, any kind of support is much appreciated, thank you :)

3 replies

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Activation usually needs to take place on the T-Mobile USA network.  In some cases, enabling WiFi Calling will allow the device to active the eSIM.  


Hi, thanks for the hint!

Does that mean that her mobile will keep trying activating until we’ll land there and there’s the chance to finally connect to the network,

or is her process stuck now, and it doesn’t matter even once we’re in the US, we would still need to reach out to customer support?

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If it doesn't activate within 5 minutes of arriving in the USA.  Give 611 a call.  That should go through no matter what.