how do i change plans online or through the app

  • 1 September 2023
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Everytime I try to change my plan from my current one, all it says underneath the new plan is "contact us". Do I have to call just to change my plan now?


4 replies

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I've noticed this also. My guess is too many people changed their plans and decided the new plan is too expensive and want to go back to their old plan.

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Right now due to promotional offers and also credits on accounts. It doesn't give the exact cost of the plan. To ensure they don't get complaints got a more expensive cost due to this.  They want to make sure people know the cost of the plans. 


So I can't change it that way anymore?, no matter what plan I pick, more expensive or less, it won't let me change it

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They'll probably fix it in the future. With the way the system is right now with so many promotions, conditions, and credits it's probably really complicated.