How do you repurchase a prepaid E-sim card?

  • 28 July 2023
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I used a prepaid e-sim for a month when I visited the states last year and would like to do so again.

How would I go about buying a prepaid e-aim again? When I access the e-sim app, it says “Use a valid e-mail not previously used”. Then, if I try to log into my t-mobile account, it asks for a t-mobile number I no longer have active. 


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2 replies

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You would need to open a new prepaid account and purchase a new eSIM.  The eSIM in your device is no longer usable so you should delete it.  You can purchase a new eSIM from or by visiting your local T-Mobile or BestBuy stores.  

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I was able to keep the same e-mail by contacting them and having T-mobile purchase  my e-sim plan for me. It took awhile for them to do it so in the future, I recommend you to just use a new e-mail to repurchase an e-sim plan through their app.