Keep getting error on visual voicemail

  • 26 July 2023
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I keep getting a popup error on the new visual voicemail on my motorola one 5G ace. It says “Activation Error” “Sesson Expired, please try again” and a button to exit or try again. Trying again is endless where it just keeps reopening with the same error. When I exit, it does the same thing several times until it works. Recently it didnt work and I had to just leave the app alone for a minute and when I went back it worked again. I was getting this error after a minute of trying to go through several dozen voicemails today and trying to clear them out. I had to exit and retry the app about a hundred times while going through voicemails. Please fix!




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4 replies


Update: its happening constantly any time i open the app or listen to one voicemail if i can manage to.

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Could it be an ad blocker?




Could it be an ad blocker?



I dont have an app to block ads in apps. Only in my browser. I use a vpn and turned it off and the issue is still persisting.


Update: I saved the voicemails I wanted to save by downloading them in between the error messages and then I uninstalled and reinstalled visual voicemail. I had to make sure my vpn was off, and I was on mobile data, not wifi, to activate it. I then imported the saved voicemails successfully. I then closed it, went back to wifi, and made sure to split tunnel the vpn so it would not apply to visual voicemail. So far it appears to be working. I have closed and reopened and listened to voicemails for a bit and I have not gotten the error so far.