Port out time period.

  • 7 August 2023
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I want to leave my family plan and start my own account with someone else.

I went into a T-Mobile store and was told I needed to contact customer service and ask for permission to leave the family plan, I was told it would take no more than 10-20 mins for that process. Before I left the store I asked if I could come back right away after getting permission to leave the account and set up my own account ASAP, I was told YES.

So I got with my parents and we called customer service and got my OK to port out the family plan and we asked the rep if I could go in and get it done today, I was told YES.

I then I came back to the T-Mobile store and told them my situation and they looked my number up and I was told “your number is still under the family plan so we can’t do it because you aren’t the primary account holder.” Then I told them that the rep and the guy at that store just told me I could get it done asap after getting permission to leave. Then they told me “1 to 3 days and wait for an e-mail of an e-document for confirmation”

So my questions are, HOW LONG IS THE PORTING OUT OF A FAMILY PLAN PROCESS? I was told “ASAP”, “1-3 days”, “Go into the store and get it done”.

Since the ported out number won’t have a phone plan anyways, would it be faster to just start a new account and get a brand new number?

2 replies

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to be honest you might opt to have whoever is the primary account holder (PAH) go with you and eliminate any possible reasons they can run into issues at the store when it comes to permissions.

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You can always open the account with a new number and port your number to the new plan at a later date.