Porting number problem!

  • 23 August 2019
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I decided to switch from straight talk to T-Mobile prepaid. I paid for a month of service and received a Sim card. I wanted to port port my number from the previous service and T-Mobile said they could. The new sim can make a call but not receive one. Can use data just fine. Cannot send or receive texts or MMS unless it's from T-Mobile. This morning I got a T-Mobile text saying there was a problem porting my number and that they'd call me, however this Sim cannot receive calls. What do I do? I called them and they said they would port it and that my issue was that the PIN I gave them was incorrect. They asked for the correct PIN, but I NEVER made a PIN or provided one. This whole thing is a mess and every call goes exactly the same.


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5 replies

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Some numbers aren't eligible for porting and you can check your number with this link.

Transfer Cell Phone Number | Switch Cell Phone Carrier | T-Mobile

This number is eligible. This has been confirmed twice by TMobile associates.

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We'll thats frustrating. we can help you out with the port request. we just need to update the accnt. you'll need to provide a permanent PIN "your desired" call your respective Team of expert. it requires for port validation.

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I think your best bet is to Community-2153​ and have our Experts check on this for you.

I am going through a similar experience. It is frustrating. I just switched 7 days ago to T-Mobile from another provider.Nothing has gone smoothly.  Right now I have NO SERVICE.