Pre-paid data-only plan limits

  • 11 June 2023
  • 2 replies


I paid for 30 days of 50G wifi for my mobile hotspot. I ran out with a week to go and was unsuccessful in trying to add more data. The customer service agent (and her supervisor) said I could not do that. I was happy to pay for the additional data or start a new 30-day period but they apparently don’t want my money or my business. Has anyone run across this before?

Barring a solution, I will be going with another carrier for my data that does not have a hard limit of 50G. I use it for both business and streaming daughter’s softball games so I go over sometimes. Unfortunately, some grandparents were not able to watch their g-daughters play ball this morning.


2 replies

Currently having the same issue, customer service said I can upgrade my service but the upgrade won't start until my normal billing cycle, another week out. Apparently the upgrade costs the same as what I am purchasing now according to the customer service representative that I guarantee is not even close to being in the United States. Very frustrating phone call with them last night. Couldn't get an answer why I can't purchase the extra data when the T-Mobile site offers it.


My device will also accept AT&T chips. AT&T will go up to 100G of data and you add more at any time. I’ll keep the T-Mobile chip in case I’m in an area with poor AT&T coverage but, otherwise, they’re not getting my money.

Not that I’m thrilled with AT&T - we just switched our cell service to Verizon (for totally different customer service issues), but the pre-paid plans are superior to T-Mobile.

Good luck!