Tourist from Europe - Reactivate prepaid card after a year of being inactive?

  • 30 August 2023
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During my last visit in early 2022, we went straight to a T-Mobile store and bought a pre-paid SIM card to cover my mobile data use during the stay. They gave me a physical SIM and removed the PIN code requirement and that was it - it was ready to be used, however this turned out to be troublesome as I can’t seem to reactivate my prepaid card for my upcoming visit next month, as it requires SIM information I’m unable to provide. I still have the chip, but that’s about it..

Is there anyway I can remotely activate my SIM card that I still have from my previous visit, or do I need to visit a T-Mobile store once more to purchase a new SIM card?

Much appreciated! :)


PS: I’m unable to call T-Mobile directly, so I’m a bit lost to be fair

2 replies

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if you have Facebook/Twitter access you can contact TMO through there.. its actually preferred since you start with tier 2 support over the call in tier 1 support agents.


scroll to the bottom of this page and you’ll see the FB/Twitter options. send a not post on their main page.

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You can't reactivate the Sim card. You will need a new one.