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  • 6 March 2024
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About 15 months ago, I traded in my LG Optimus 90 for Nord N20. When I purchased it, the rep told me that the trade would cover the whole bill and that I wouldn't pay anything. Ever. For the phone. That was the reason we chose that phone. Now we are getting billed for over $200 for the phone, and T-Mobile is automatically taking money out of our account. A different member of my family got credit for a refund and T-Mobile automatically applied the credit to covering my phone bill. We were told that this phone wouldn't cost us anything besides the trade-in phone, and now they're taking credit and money from us. Help please. 

1 reply

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The way these trade-in deals generally work is that there are four components:

  1. The cost of the new phone.
  2. The sales tax on the new phone. You will have to pay this.
  3. The cash value of the trade-in phone: This will be a one-time credit against the cost of the new phone.
  4. A monthly credit, spread out over 24 months that equals the balance owed, divided by 24.

It works out that you end up paying something like $10-$15 more per phone, per month but when you do the math, it all works out to zero cost. except the sales tax.

Now, you need to make sure that T-Mobile has received your trade-in and credited to your account. This frequently gets messed up and must be sorted out before the numbers begin to look reasonable.

How long ago did you send in (turn over) your trade-in phone(s)? How many are involved? Have you received a confirmation that they got it and have credited it to your account?