• 17 April 2023
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Haven't even set up my internet yet and says it was used and I've already been charged and suspended wth if I haven't even used it yet that makes no since 

2 replies

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@Mzghost66 My understanding is that TMO starts charging the monthly fee the day that TMO HI is ordered.

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I'm not sure what you mean by “suspended”, but I'd call Support and complain. You're supposed to have a two-week trial period to decide whether T-Mobile Home Internet will work in your location.

It's possible you got a refurbished gateway from someone who turned theirs back in. Regardless, call Support and tell them what’s going on. My experience with them is that they're very helpful with billing and problems like you're experiencing. Remember, they want you as a customer. They're not looking to anger and frustrate you to the point where you'll give up the service.

Hope this helps. Good luck!