Free Internet for Students

  • 8 August 2023
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T-mobile Tuesdays just released a free hotspot for students. Does this include college students? 

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No. It’s for K-12 from low-income households.


With Project 10Million, we’re offering help to 10 million eligible households over the next 5 years. With Project 10Million, we’re offering free hotspots with 100GBs of mobile data each year for five years, plus access to at-cost laptops and tablets, to 10 million eligible k-12 students. Enrollment is open through August 30, 2024.

How would u go about Geting the internet when we aready pay for internet? Would help me if I could get it free can u help.. thank u

@Mandilefamily  you would need to first check to see if your eligible & then if you are, you would need to sign up. Here's the link to sign up


​​This comes with a hotspot device which provides you remote access to Internet (it's a tiny device smaller then a phone, you can take anywhere with you, and gives you WiFi Internet) 

​​​​​This won't interfere with you home Internet however if you have home Internet you can just keep that and not participate cuz its for low income families. Anyways if you get this, then it's up to you to decide what you do with the Internet provider you have now. 


important to note you get the device & 100gb of Internet for FREE & it auto renews each year for 5 years. However you only get that 100gb of Internet for that full year. If you use it before the year is over, you will not have wifi. The other option is, once you run out and need more you can purchase the $15 unlimited data monthly & gives you unlimited data. 



What do I do if my data box has been stolen and I can’t get into my account for whatever reason now.