Gateway Hard Reset

  • 24 April 2024
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I have been using the T-Mobile 5G home Internet for about a year.

A few weeks I thought my son may have performed an hard reset on the gateway by accident. Today while sitting in the same room, I went through the network dropping and when the gateway powered back on it had performed a hard reset on its own    

Is this due to a possible firmware being pushed or an issue with my gateway and I need to replace?

Gateway is:  Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway

3 replies


Update…  Happened Again….

Looks like whenever there is a power drop it does as hard reset on the gateway..

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I’d recommend ‘requesting’ the Arcadyan g4AR/SE ‘white’ modem.   

Primary reasons: 

  1. Its relatively ‘new’
  2. Doesn’t overheat (reports of older Nokia/Sagemcom issues)
  3. Carrier aggregation
  4. External antenna port 

I’ve used both Arcadyan KVD-21 and now g4AR/SE.  I haven’t had reboot issues.


Issues continue. 
Was sent a new Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway(Asked for different router due to poor ethernet, but they would only replace with the same.)  I will need to work with local store to change to different type of router.

Installed it at 1pm without any issues. 
At 2am it started rebooting on its own and about 3rd or 4th reboot about 2:30am it performed a hard reset back to factory settings.