Good Job T-Mobile!

  • 15 August 2023
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Around December 2022 or January 2023 I cancelled my Home Internet service and promptly returned my equipment to a T-Mobile store to avoid any charges. However, in June 2023 I started receiving calls and letters from a debt collector claiming that I owed about $380 to T-Mobile. I called T-Mobile 2 times and was reassured that I did not owe anything and I was suggested to disregard the collector 's calls because they were probably attempting to scam me. On August 14, I contacted T-Mobile again and finally found out that even though it was indicated in the system that I returned my Home Internet equipment on time, someone at T-Mobile made a mistake and sent me to collection claiming that the Internet home equipment had not been received. The associate I spoke to the 3rd time opened a ticket so my profile could be updated removing the erroneous balance. The very next day, August 15, I called T-Mobile again asking for something in writing that I could send to the debt collector to prove that I don't owe anything to T-Mobile, so the collector would not proceed to send the collection to the Credit Bureaus and have it SHOW UP ON MY CREDIT REPORT! the agent I spoke to told me that my ticket was still been processed and would have taken about 7 days to be completed. So I asked to speak with a Manager. The manager too refused to provide anything in writing confirming that my equipment was returned on time and I don't owe anything to T-Mobile. Then the manager proceeded to tell me that while I was on the phone, he was going to contact the T-Mobile store where I returned the Home Internet equipment to ask if they could provide something in writing EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS ALREADY A NOTE IN THE T-MOBILE SYSTEM CONFIRMING THAT I RETURNED THE EQUIPMENT ON TIME! so the manager put me on hold around 8:40 am AND OVER 1 HOUR LATER, WHILE I WAS STILL ON HOLD, AT 9:49 am THE CALL DROPPED. He called me back and said that he had yet to speak with the store. So far NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO TAKE CARE OF THIS SITUATION THAT T-MOBILE CREATED! Good Job T-Mobile for screwing with your customers ' credit!

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you’ll more than likely have better end results if you contact TMO through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter..this starts you with tier 2 support over the tier 1 support call in agents.