Home Internet not eligible for Emergency Broadband Benefit

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So I went through the application process and got approved but now T-mobile is telling me that my home internet is not eligible for the benefit. What gives? Why have it on the page advertising it if their plan does not qualify? What does someone need to do to qualify? They are advertising that they are a part of this yet no one is having success in setting it up.


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I opened my home internet account the second it was available in my area (August 2021). At that time, none of the T-Mobile store even had the home internet gateway in stock. T-mobile cannot claim that you had to have been signed up with them before the date they stated when the company didn't even HAVE the service available here at that time!

I signed up and switched ISPs with the promise (on day one) that my EBB eligibility would transfer over from my former ISP. Not true. Didn't happen. Since that time, I've had to call T-Mobile on a MONTHLY basis, to correct billing mistakes and to ask why I was not receiving the EBB I qualified for. Every time I got off the phone with a rep, it was with the assurance that I would see the discount applied within 1-2 billing cycles and the it "would be worth the wait." I even did the T-Mobile application over the phone with a rep and had them submit it for me. NOTHING HAPPENED. Wash-rinse-repeat month after month.

Now there is no EBB. The credit has gone from $50 to $30 on the new program. Fine. I'll take whatever help I can get! But I can't even get that! I never got the EBB, and now I'm told that I WILL NOT get the new $30 credit unless I switch to a whole other ISP provided by T-Mobile. That means getting rid of my T-mobile gateway and praying that I get the same internet quality with the other provider. This is grossly unfair of T-Mobile. I have filed a complaint with the FCC (something I did not want to do, because I really love this company outside of this horrible experience.) I have yet to hear anything at all from anyone regarding the complaint I filed. 

Does anyone have any further information on the who T-Mobile directs qualified consumers to go to for home internet so they can receive the $30 discount? What's the service like? It's it as good as what you had with the T-Mobile gateway on 5G?