I want to talk to a real person - for this I am willing to spend $6350 a month that more then $300 a month more than I am pay

  • 18 January 2024
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If I can not talk to a real person I’ll go to ATT who have the decency to let me talk to  a real person. 

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read the title - If I don’t talk with a real person I am going to ATT and you can kiss $650 a month good-bye

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l will say it again - That’s 2. On 3 I am gone. Kiss $650 a month good bye

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youre giving them a countdown? are you 5?

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Hey @just_a_guy Not everyone has the time to wait on hold to get the help they need on their account. You have a couple different threads around the Community, so I want to consolidate and confirm what your concerns are so you can get the answers you need. One of your other posts mentions that you have a lot of lines and you want to update your plan. 

Another one talks about not being able to connect with a support team about your account securely online.

There is another one about a wifi question, but that was a little while ago, so I am not sure if that is what you are looking for now. 

Updating your account to a new plan can mean that you can take advantage of more benefits like more data or deals on devices or subscriptions. T-Mobile empowers customers with the ability to change the plan right from the app or website. The Manage your plan, features & services T-Mobile Support page shows you how step by step on the app and the website. If you feel more comfortable speaking with an agent to get that done, you can open a secure chat with the team in the app by tapping the conversation bubbles in the top right hand corner after logging in. 

Lots of work has been put in to make sure that you can contact a support team securely a few different ways. Our website also has a chat option. It starts out with some entry questions to see if there are resources that can help answer your questions, but it will lead you to a great messaging team that can help with any account needs you have. All while keeping your conversation private and your information private.

The Community is a great resource to get answers because most things are able to be done through the self service channels and your peers can help guide you to the right place. There are also many people that test things out and share their experiences so you don’t have to. We don’t have the secure access to account stuff here, but we are happy to provide guidance.