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  • 2 February 2024
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i just upgraded and my plan is unlimited data but i STILL got a stupid alert saying i’ve used X amount of mobile hotspot data and they’re going to throttle it at 100%. What is this??? i have the highest level plan, why are they throttling me if i have unlimited data?


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Unlimited data but high speed data is limited.  Depending on your plan will tell you how much high speed data you have.  There is also a fair use policy in the Terms of Service that allows T-Mobile to throttle users that use extreme amounts of data that can significantly impact network oerformance for other customers.

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Are you talking about a Hotspot plan or the TM Internet plan?  If you’re talking about the TM Internet plan, I too switched from the data-capped “lite” plan to unlimited the plan about a year ago.  The plan didn’t switch, however, until the next billing cycle.  So it could just be that your plan hasn’t converted yet.