Lied to About a Promotion

  • 6 January 2024
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I switched over to T-Mobile internet service on 11/29 and was told I qualified for a promotion they were running for a 50” television. I was told I would receive more information via text and/or through my account. I never received anything. I went out of town for Christmas and still received nothing. So I called customer service today. On the first call I spoke to KeKe, I was told the promotion I was asking about had expired on 11/29 - I had thought I changed over on 12/9. I went back and found my service contract signed at 8:46 p.m. PST on 11/29 while the promotion was still in place.  I called customer service again and spoke with Jessica. She first said the order wasn’t entered until 11/30 and I told her I would be happy to send the contract. Then she said it was after midnight EST so the promotion was expired. I told her I signed the contract at 11:46 EST and, again, I would be happy to send the contract.  Then I was told I only had 30 days to submit the promo code and that time had passed. I told her I never received the promo code. She asked if I had followed up and I told her I reached out to customer service in mid-December.  The person I spoke with at that time seemed to have no clue what I was talking about, but she assured me I would be receiving something and I needn’t worry because the offer would be good for 30 days from the time I received the information.  Then Jessica proceeded to tell me the only call I had made to their customer service was on Dec. 9 and it was not about the promotion, but about setting up my gateway. I told her, again, I did talk to someone and asked her why she thought I would make that up. At that point she said there was nothing she could do and I no longer qualified for the promotion. I’ve had T-Mobile cell service for 20 years and had looked forward to moving internet over because the service has always been outstanding.  Now, it seems, they’re just like every other service. Customers are liars. Customers don’t matter.  And if customers lose out because T-Mobile employees don’t do their jobs - well too bad.

1 reply