Need DNS PTR record created for business internet (have static ip)

  • 1 February 2023
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Hi, I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get a dns “PTR” record set up for my new business account.

(By way of background, a PTR record is necessary these days to send emails directly from your server. I’ve run my own email server since 1980 -- back when the world was ARPAnet and BBSs; I remember when “sendmail” came out from Eric Allman at Berkeley, and I still prefer to hand edit [yeah, I’m that ancient; I still hand edit my linux kernel as desired too]. :) Anyway, all emails I send are 100% legitimate business emails, no spam. I hate spam. I’m migrating to tmobile-for-business from comcast-for-business, and they had no problem setting up PTR records upon request. So this isn’t something weird or anything; and it only takes the right person less than a minute to type in the two pieces of info to the right place to create a PTR, so it isn’t a hard thing to do. It’s not something I can do at my end, it goes in tmobile’s dns records. I have a static ip#, so that’s the only technical prerequisite. This should be simple, right?)

Ok, so, that’s the background. The question is -- how do I find the right person within tmobile to do it?  Surely I’m not the first tmo for bus. customer to request this.

I’ve tried calling customer care and creating a ticket or four. They never contact me back, they just seem to silently close the ticket having done nothing, either without notes or with non-sequitur notes. Each next new rep I talk to says they’ll escalate it, but that doesn’t seem to really mean anything. (I had another ticket with a simple request relating to getting my account login set up, and that took several tries too, all with a lot of nonsense along the way, and I also then found all kinds of typos in my account info to correct, so I know there a problems getting things accomplished correctly -- but I also know it can eventually be done!)

I know with comcast biz there were engineers lurking in the forums like this who could actually do things… so I’m hoping to find one of you helpful folks, or find another customer who’s done this before and knows the secret handshake.



4 replies

Hello there, did you ever figured out how to do the PTR record, I am on a need to do the same,  I did change from Comcast Business to T-mobile Business.

Let me know please what is involved.





Sadly, no, I could never get this resolved, and I closed my account. I have stayed with Comcast for Business.

Tmobile’s business tech support was incompetent. I opened many tickets and they never contacted me back, just kept opening a new ticket when I called after many days to check on the last one. They closed them either without comment or with non-sequiturs. (That’s when I could even reach their tech support; often I was routed to the personal cell phone tech support people, often in loops where they forwarded my call back to their same group. Ugh.)

I tried a secondary approach of finding a VPS/VPN site that could handle the outbound email, but I never could find one that could do it. They, like tmobile, do one or more of (1) block outbound port 25 connections, (2) don’t allow a PTR record, or (3) have their ip#s blacklisted on sites such as Spamhaus -- and assorted ISPs, such as Yahoo mail, refuse incoming mail from blacklisted ip#s, so it is fatal for an email server’s ip# to be listed. Tmobile’s ip#s are also blacklisted there, so that’s a second problem.

Technically, tmobile has told Spamhaus to blacklist ALL of it’s ip#s, as a matter of policy. So tmobile will have to carve out the ip#s that are static ip#s for business customers in order to make this work. (And provide the PTR record. Two mountains to climb.)

So, nope. Between business-unfriendly policies, practices, and incompetent tech support, tmobile for bus. is not ready for prime time.

It appears that T-Mobile is not serious about offering business internet. It is no better than residential service. (actually much worse) and they don’t seem to know anything about how DNS records work. A very basic business need. Maybe we can get a high school student to teach them how to type in to a couple input boxes to they can get PTR records working. What a joke.


“tmobile for bus. is not ready for prime time” says it best.  I’m so disappointed in the “support”.  After spending the better part of the past 3 days talking to “care techs” who can’t even spell DNS or SMTP (or google it, for that matter) and then reading this.  I was finally able to get to a “supervisor” today who said she would “run it up the pole” to the engineers and she would get back to me because the engineers can’t talk directly to a customer.  The ability to send mail is the primary requirement for this service and without the PTR record, I can’t use this service and don’t have many alternatives.