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  • 7 February 2023
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How do i get T-Mobile let me out of my plan with out paying for my SO CALLED FREE PHONE, I have dropped calls over and over and or have no service, Spent 20 years with Sprint and now that T-Mobile bought it service has been bad. they told me i had to pay $299 per line to get out, This was a we will give you a Free phone to sign up with us.. Help, I have full filled my part by paying my bill every month with question. they are not full filling their part of suppling service as they said they would 

2 replies

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I think you need to go to your local T-Mobile store, explain your dilemma and ask to cancel your account or resolve the dropped call issue.

Good luck! 

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If it is within the buyers remorse period, you can cancel.and return those devices with little to no penalty depending on the terms.  If you are beyond the buyers remorse period, you need to either fulfill the contract, EIP, and other term agreents or pay the penalties when you cancel.

The best answer to see what your options and costs would be, is to contact T-Mobile through Facebook.or Twitter via DM and have them take a look at your account to tell you your specific options.