T-mobile provided expired code for Fire TV


First, T-Mobile never sent out the code for rebate. Upon reaching out to Customer support, they provided expired code. Ask me to reach out to Amazon with expired code :(.

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Same experience  did you ever get a resolution?

@Rishash After battling with them for 3 hours on the phone, they proceeded to blame me for taking too long to use the code (even though I had the same problem as xxxttt and never received the code). They also tried to put me at fault for not contacting them earlier  (even though I’ve called them many times within the past five months).

I finally managed to squeeze a free month of internet out of them, but that was hardly worth it in my opinion. They told me that if the promotion was ever brought back that my code would work, but I doubt anything they tell me now.

I hope you have better luck than me with them.