TMobile Assurant =Scam

  • 1 November 2023
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Go to TMoible they said...It’ll be fine they said. This is hands down the WORST service I’ve been with, and I went through AT&T and Cingular. The Assurant Insurance group is either grossly incompetent or committing Fraud. Three months later and $700 charge they finally tell me the “package was empty” but cannot provide any proof it was empty. 


DEAR TMOBILE I will make it my life’s mission to tell everyone I know just how badly you take care of your customers. 

2 replies

Totally agree. They said I sent in the wrong phone but won't sent it back to me and charged me $500

This has happened to me.  T mobile is charging me $1055.99.  T Mobile told me it would fine.  I sent my phone back to Assurance.  After receiving a high bill I call in.  Assurance tells me they received it.  Then later tell me the box was empty.  After 15 years of being loyal to T mobile I am going to leave.  They are allowing this fraud will not do anything.  They just stealing my money