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  • 28 March 2022
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When is there going to be an app update???!!!

When I first downloaded the app a year ago it worked perfectly. Since the updates…. I haven’t been able to access the device menu to control the schedule. 

4 replies

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I have seen the same behavior. When I downloaded the mobile application back in January of 2021 for a brief time it worked, to some degree. After the Nokia router took the first upgrade that was the end of that. I had the app installed on my iPhone 12 Pro and it sort of worked but was never very good. After the router update it pretty much became useless. It would hang and I would have to reboot my phone to be able to use the phone again. I uninstalled it and never looked back. The application appears to have been initially released 4+ years ago and even updates don’t appear to have helped it one bit. Maybe it works on some phones. I would not hold my breath for an update that matters. If you have the Nokia router the web interface provides some “features” but those advertised in the mobile application are not there.

I have the same problem how do u fix it? I have to shut off my router to get it connected with the T-Mobile internet app again and then an hour later it's not connected or showing my router status on the app

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The mobile application can be a bit finicky, or so it seems to me. Sometimes it works and at other times not so much. I uninstalled it and installed it on my iPhone 12 Pro a few times. It behaves for a bit then not so much again. I tend to use a browser from my MacBook Pro or my iPad to manage the gateway more often than using the mobile application. I have not been satisfied with the mobile application. I don’t find it reliable. 
The last time it didn’t work was more with the iPhone not communicating on the wireless network and not the mobile app. I also run two concurrent SSIDs so I have to be sure my phone is on the SSID associated with 1,5,&9 or the app doesn’t connect. 
Some times just disabling the wireless on my phone and enabling it again makes the mobile app connection to the gateway respond. I don’t know that there is a common tactic that is special. 

Ok that helped alot thank u sooo much I probably just put it on my HP so I won't have to fight with it