Unable to start new service.

  • 16 June 2023
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I've been attempting to start new service with T-Mobile for over a week now.  Here's the problem.  I had an account with Sprint many years ago. In 2018 I divorced my ex and left Sprint.  My ex-wife kept the account with the intent to put it in her name.   Fast forward a few years.  I've been with AT&T.  I want to go over to T-Mobile but are not able to because of that old account.  My ex "thought" she had taken care of this.  This week we worked on this with Customer Service.  I was called by a T-Mobile rep and was told that the matter was resolved and that I could continue setting up new service. I worked with a rep to set up the whole package for new service.  I was told, to continue I'd have to pay off my AT&T phones first.  Thinking this matter with my ex was fixed, I went ahead and spent $1400 to pay off the phones.  I went back to T-Mobile to continue the process only to find out tonight that the matter with my ex still exists. I'm now $1400 in the hole and unable to establish service.   Does anyone know what I have to do to get this fixed?  I feel trapped!!!

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hate to say it but the only way they could have switched the account over into her name was if you were the one to switch her to the primary account holder...THEN you remove your line from the account. if this wasnt done prior to you leaving it wouldnt be able to happen. the PAH is the only one that can make any changes to the account..so if she didnt have the permissions to do so nothing could happen.