What happened to 360 protection?


I’ve been using 360 protection since it came out, replaced many damaged phones, 100 dollars, new one in mail. 


I’ve just upgraded to a Samsung S23 Ultra, which by the way has the cheapest glass, no wonder they did free upgrades.  The screen cracked in my pocket, and T-Mobile wants me to go to a store, that’s an hour away, in a bad neighborhood. 


Now I’m forced to break the phone in pieces so I can do a claim on the whole phone, still will come out cheaper than traveling over an hour, using up a half day, getting robbed, commuting costs, etc.


Are T-Mobile Reps not good enough to replace glass? T-Mobile only has 3 locations in a city of more than 7 million people? Plus, those replacement glass they put on in the stores are even 1000 times cheaper than factory, you can tell every single time, and how it cracks again.


Now where’s my hammer so I can get this claim done quickest way.


Thank you for listening to my rant.


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If you live around a Best Buy or an Asurion you can try taking it there.



Why would I pay over 200 dollars to replace a screen when I’m paying for insurance.  T-Mobile only provided 2 locations that I can get it fixed using the insurance for 30 dollars.  I rather pay 100 and get a refurbished phone, even though it hasn’t even been a month using this phone that costs way over a grand.  The Note 10 was such a better device than the S23 Ultra, the only thing S23 has is a better camera, and I don’t care about picture quality.  


The insurance is crap, I also had an iPhone 11, why wasn’t I given the option to get screen replaced for that for 30 dollars, but paid 100 dollars for just another iPhone 11 that is outdated.  I was paying for insurance on the iPhone 11 for over 3 years, at least send a 12.  I could of bought the iPhone 11 used for 100 dollars. 


The good thing is I’m about to save 40+ bucks a month canceling all the insurance on my phones.

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My wife broke her screen on her Pixel 6a and they replaced it for free. I'm sure Samsung has a contract with them to do warranty work do if the screen is a known issue they will replace it.