Why am i getting charged with services that were promised to be free?

  • 4 August 2023
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Hi! I'm Alex Torres. Today I'm writing here because I dont a choice since T-mobile customer service, hasn't been the greatest to me and they have just been sending me around with their own things about this. So, the problem is that I upgraded my services from Military Magenta to Go5G Plus to be able to use their promotion on getting a phone with a trade in and i did but the thing that happen was that the person that was helping me said ill get a “free” line with this upgrade of service and you know when something is “free” anybody would take it, i asked every question on the book about it and it came out that it was “free” the problem is that when i took that offer and went to trade my phone for a new one they started charging me for the line and changed my service from military to First responders even though im not a first responder but Active duty service member. After calling about this and asking questions the only thing that they told me was that this “free line” doesn't exist and that i need to cancel the line i said okay about it but now they're trying to charge me for the traded phone and i said no, i suggested that they return the Iphone XR that i traded with the screen protector that it had and the case but the only thing that supposedly they can do is make me wait for a future call because they're talking to their superior about it. It has been a whole week that ive been waiting for a response and this is something that T-Mobile doesnt care about because they say wait 72 hours, i wait the 72 hours and call them again and get told the same thing.hasn't

The problem with all this is that they dont want to cooperate with me and how can a employe from your company be saying offers or promotions without knowing that the offer or promotion for the line never exist? I dont get were i signed up for any of these things and were it says that i have to pay because their isnt anything, i have the screenshot of the conversation with the t mobile Employee if needed but what i want is my Iphone XR back with the screen protector, with a case and that line that im not going to pay for since this “free line” isnt free at all. 

If anybody in T-Mobile contact me about this ill be happy to cooperate and get this problem fixed because i just dont want to pay for things i have not agreed to. If more detailed information is needed please contact me because this is a summary of everything.

2 replies


I had the exact same problem except. I  purchased mine from the store. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. They promised they would correct it, but then offered a. $20 discount. I don't want to pay $35 a month for free line.


That’s exactly what they did, told me they pay that line for 3 months and then what me pay for it?!!!!

update, they haven’t contacted me on anything those 72 hours and investigating the problem were fake because nobody has called or contacted me about this problem. Also, they haven’t changed my plan from first responder to military. FYI, I’ve never been a first responder and have not asked for it and only have been military with T-mobile.