Activating Paramount+ and AppleTV on Business Ultimate Unlimited

  • 29 December 2022
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Online chat can’t help, spent multiple 30 minute calls with support inquiring how to activate the promo included with my new plan, only for them to say the offer is no longer valid even though it’s still plastered all over the site, and within my account management page. Clicking any links sent to me, or clicking the add-on in my plan leads to a, “Contact support” landing page, which of course leads to nothing happening as support can’t figure it out.

Anyone else have a similar situation?

2 replies

I’m having the same exact problem. I’m on the business unlimited ultimate plan and it plainly states that Netflix and Apple TV are included with this plan and Paramount is a 1yr free trial on their website but yet I can’t get access to it. When I call customer service they say it’s not included. Can someone please help? I hope this isn’t a case of false advertisement. 

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It looks like only 5 lines are covered according to this article about the increase in the Netflix price.