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  • 9 June 2023
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About 2-3 months ago I changed the autopay payment method in my T-mobile account from one method to another, from a checking account to a credit card. The system shows that my new method is the DEFAULT method of payment.


However, the autopay is pulling out of the checking account that was originally used. It just happened again today. The credit card method is the DEFAULT method of payment, yet T-Mobile is only withdrawing from the old account.


My old account is a closed down business for which I need to keep it open for another couple months, but it’s not right for the debits to come from that business anymore. This is a very big problem!


While I wait for an answer, I am going to DELETE the old method of payment. We’ll see how that goes.


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While I wait for an answer, I am going to DELETE the old method of payment. We’ll see how that goes.


Hope you don’t lose your phone service for non-payment, and forwarded to collections, which could affect your credit rating.


Might be better to contact T-Mobile support directly, thru the #611 or 800 number, or tier 2 support at Facebook or Twitter.


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If you want the autopay discount you won't get it using a credit card.

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You’d be nuts to trust any company, much less one with two data breaches so far this year, with direct access to your bank account or debit card (which lacks the protections of a credit card).

I moved to T-mobile because they seemed more consumer friendly, and so far they have been, but now they are starting this consumer-hostile cr@p.

I signed up for 5G home internet because Comcast started this nonsense, I guess there is no point.

If I’m not getting a discount I’ll turn off autopay and they can just send a paper bill.

Scroll down and you will see a “submit change” button at the end. I think after click on that button, it will change to the new default afterward. This is confusing (as the new one already marked as default before you click “submit change”), that happened to me too.

Just went through a similar problem.  I had changed my payment method online because of the autopay discount change, deleted the credit card and added a new payment method.  Logged out and back in and verified the change, only one payment listed and it was the default.  Bill was paid shortly after using the old method so I contacted customer support and talked to a rep.  They looked up my payment method and said it had been changed.  Got an email today stating that we had lost the autopay discount because it was still using the credit card.  Called customer support and used the automated system to check on autopay, said it was the credit card.  Changed it through the automated system then talked with a rep to verify again.  While on the phone I received an email saying the payment method had been changed and autopay discount was active again.  It seems to me that the T-Mobile systems are not all using the same information, the online system does not use the same information as the billing system.  FYI we are former Sprint customers so it looks like they still have some work to do in switching everything over.  Customer support reps were very good but they can only work with the information they can see. An extremely frustrating experience.  I won’t believe it is fixed until I can see it on the next payment.

I'm wondering if there's a way to use two different accounts to autopay our monthly bill. I just want to split the bill with my partner. Does anyone know if it's possible?