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  • 10 October 2022
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Any one pls share t mobile  customer care mail ID 

In view of I over phone  am not able contact 

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they do not have an email you can contact them through. you have to either call, visit a store or contact them through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


Hello my  I recieve a message from. T mobile stated  my phone services will not be terminated until the 29th of January.  I am a retired  firefighter and im in a wheel chair . I recieve a disability  pension check on the 29 . I even have a  email from Maria who stated my service will not be terminated.  but T mobile said they are not honoring it.  I've been a T mobile customer  for 10 years this is horrible


Here is my story.  

I'm a T-mobile (sprint) good customer for 6 years. but I had a really worst customer service experience today 5/7/23.  (Time : From 7:00pm to 9:30pm Pacific time)
I upgraded my old phone to iphone 14 on 5/7.23.  
When I called Tmobil customer service, I asked about my monthly billing amount if it is changed or kept the same current billing amount when I paid the full amount for the Iphone 14. 
Customer service representative, Alma, didn't understand well about billing amount and I heard many people talking and giggling noise on the phone. So I asked her to transfer to the manager.  The manager or supervisor's name was Polin (talking time 7:30pm to 9:30 5/7/23 almost 2hrs arguing).  She was really really bad and treated me as a greedy and selfish consumer.  I asked the same question if I paid full amount of iphone 14, the current billing amount change?  She said yes because government tax is updated and applied.  She gave me the totally wrong information. So I didn't understand and asked for details. Based on her wrong information, It is just $3 difference from the current billing amount. but I wonder where this difference comes from.    She just yelling me and answered me it is charged by the government, the tax was raised.  She yelled at me that  I can't do anything and you are so greedy.  How customer service supervisor yell to the customer and gave the wrong information? The tax rate was raised ???  Nonsense. She doesn't know about the tax.  She just told me that Sorry for yelling cuz she is pregnant (7 months) now and sensitive. Anyhow, I thought her answer was wrong so I asked again.  Polin kept arguing with me over 2hours.  It is crazy, I never had these horrible and worst customer service before.  Arguing with customer for 2hrs?  If she doesn't know exactly, then she transferred me to another supervisor or someone who knows the billing well.  I heard a lot of noises like other kids sounds while I talked to her on the phone.  I felt that she couldn't focus on my issue and just gave me the wrong information (government tax) and wanted to finish my questions asap. 
She is not qualified as a customer care even supervisor.  She doesn't know what the customer service roles are.  Customer service should answer and help the customer's questions and wonders.  Not yelling and making a customer a greedy person.  
And I found that where this difference amount came from.  It comes from the mistake of T-mobile when  I changed one of our family member's phone numbers and withdraw the autopayment discount.  I got the correction of that amount from T-mobile.  Not from the ridiculous government tax raised. 

I was with Sprint for 18 years I've worked in the same Factory for 7 years I don't know what T-Mobile did but 3 weeks ago no T-Mobile customer in that factory has internet no texting no making calls no accepting calls everything's been fine until 3 weeks ago and the thing is last year they told me they were upgrading Towers to be able to get into buildings better so I guess that was a lie.

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or theyre doing the upgrades now….

Been with Tmobile for 6 years.  Haven’t had any problems with throughout the 6 years.  Been generally pleased with the service. Paying for 4 lines and phones between 180 to 200 per month (USD).   I switched to another vendor on the 8th when my billing cycle closed on the 10th.  I was on call and didn’t want any significant interruptions with the job so I changed my account to 1 line and switch the other 3 on that day. Paid off the phones, etc.   Changed my last line with Tmobile 4 days later so 2 days into the next billing cycle.


Tmobile charge me 25 for altering my account on the 2nd to last billing cycle.  For the last billing cycle they charged me the entire 4 line charge for 2 days on 1 line.  They said we didn’t have any record of me requesting to change my account from 4 to 1 (even though they charged 25 for changing the account) ???   and they don’t prorate.  Even though I used 2 days of 1 line they charged me 4 lines for the entire month.    And I couldn’t even see my bills because I couldn’t log into the account via website or use the app.   And had to pay to get final bills in the mail now when in the past it was no problem.


Basically why screw over someone for a measly 120 Dollars when they leave the door after that family spent over 11K with them in a 6 year period.   Most of my members of my family have Tmobile and I advocated for the company in the past.  Definitely regret it now and will advocate for them to search for better options (and prepare for the greed when you leave the door).   Tmobile issues policies to grab the quick buck regardless of doing the reasonable action is no longer with the company.  most times service reps were pleasant and easy to work with.  




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