e setup to discourage sitppl from even trying to get anything addressed. Impossible to email tmobile


Tmobile why do you not have an email address ppl can contact you with ?? the tmobile site app won’t accept outside email as that would not give them full access to do whatever they want to your emails messages ETC. Why do your experts( that you make ppl contact you with (RIGHT) repeatedly ignore a request to speak to someone who is actually educated with your businesses operations. SUPERVISOR . Not happening. but 1 of 2000 experts answering the phone they give you to help and nothing ever does get past these techs that are programmed in appologies and excuses. ? Why won’t a supervisor ever return calling a customer even though several requests get made? Why is all the info in confirmation saying to contact us or link to this all send you to a page unnavailable ? 

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Asked to get a upper management of tmobiles staff to call me and explain various issues . Not 1 time will they even call to see if it’s a legitiment issue , But ignore the request everytime. . 

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Contact Tmobile using messenger on their Twitter or Facebook accounts is the easiest way.